I am a life-long creator living in the Rochester for the last 25 years.  Color, design and “making things that were visually pleasing to me”, has always made me happy.  I started out creating clothing back in the days when Home Ec was a middle school class that was required of me while the boys took Shop. I think I would have liked Shop class, so much that my husband gave me a hot pink tool box and matching tool belt for my birthday last year. I love to create.

Life moved along and I always toted my sewing machines wherever we lived and eventually they began to gather dust as we raised our daughters and moved around from California to Iowa and back to Minnesota.  I dabbled in a few other creative pursuits and then stumbled upon acrylic painting during the Covid pandemic.  And the rest is history. Creating lively and colorful paintings has become an obsession and a therapeutic outlet for me since 2021, so much that we recently converted a screen porch into a sunroom studio and that is where you can usually find me if I’m not elsewhere either lending a hand or "putting out a fire"…..not necessarily in that order!  Life is interesting.

My favorite subjects to paint are florals, pets and fun food.  Landscapes, not so much. But I’m working on that!