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Melt Media

My name is Emma Olstad and I am the artist behind Melt Media. The name Melt Media comes from my childhood when an elderly neighbor would remember my siblings and my name by the acronym MELT. It's a word that has stuck with me and of course reminds me of my siblings.

I have always been an imaginative person. As a child I created worlds with my toys. As I got older I created crafts and began drawing . Then I was introduced to YouTube, where I began to explore different art styles. But I've never settled on one style. So I practiced drawing scenery, animals, and I developed characters in all different kinds of mediums.

After studying abroad in Finland, I became more interested in landscapes in my signature medium, acrylic. I am still exploring. I have so much curiosity in all the ways there are to create. I still have a long ways to go.

Follow my journey below.