Sarah Hill Etsy

I think art is about a moment, a mood, creating a little world; fun, romantic, whimsical, & colorful. Mostly I want to make something that causes people to smile each time they walk by.

A big part of my art is inspired by my love of animals, both big and small, I love painting them and sculpting them. It’s a joy to watch videos of animals to see how they move and learn a little about them while I work on making their likeness. I also love nature and old stone architecture, oh and unicorns. Sometimes I feel like a bunny jumping from garden to garden, there are just so many things I am interested in and want to capture in my art.

My process starts with a very precise plan, usually I create a digital drawing that I reference throughout the process. I think my background in graphic design and illustration projects has lead me to want to be as efficient with my time as possible. If I plan well then I find myself enjoying the time making my art more, I am able to get lost in creating while listening to audio books. Thank you public libraries!

I find fulfilment in continuing to learn and challenging myself, that’s how I discovered polymer clay. I watched one YouTube video and I immediately bought clay and made a little seal, it took forever but I did it. That little seal was just the beginning, it has been fun figuring out the medium and developing my own style. Polymer clay allows me to create in a different way. I enjoy thinking about the steps and order I need to take to make things. My art has taken me places I never had imagined. And introduced me to some very fine and helpful people. I can’t wait to see what happens next.