Rachel Brokenicky

Creativity is in my soul. I wake up with my mind racing with ideas. Mostly I paint them with my acrylic or watercolor paints, but I love to work digitally as well. I have been a creative person all my life. I grew up drawing, painting, playing with clay, and anything else I could try. Bright colors, bold shapes, and nature are most appealing and inspiring to me. I studied fine arts in college and later completed a program in graphic design and illustration.

I grew up in Nebraska, lived in Oklahoma for almost 12 years (a piece of my heart will always be an “Okie”), and am now living in Rochester. I am married to a wonderful man, Alan, and we have three pretty great kids. We also have a grey tabby, a small calico, and an Indian ringneck parrot. My family and I love to be around water; kayaking, swimming, and fishing so I am pretty sure we moved to the right state.

I am excited that I can be a part of the Art world here in Rochester. I am a member of Gallery 24, a gallery full of local artists and their amazing work. I am excited to take part in art opportunities that help our community learn about and enjoy all that art has to offer. I believe true joy comes in helping others find happiness, comfort, and peace and sharing my talents with others is a source of true joy.