Dan Reusche

I am a retired programmer who worked at both IBM and The Mayo Clinic. My wife and I live in Bryon, where we raised two children, both grown and on their own now.

I got into the world of scrollsaw art and intarsia a few years back when I dug out an old starter saw that I owned and had never used very much. As I did a few simple projects on that saw I relaized two things:

-I had somewhat of a talent for this kind of woodworking and

-if I was going to progress, I needed a better saw.

I purchased another scrollsaw that allowed me to do finer work and do it a little more quickly. At first I just did standard scroll saw pieces and then advanced into the world of intarsia, examples of which you can see on this page.

I view art and programming as being quite similar. Both are creative processes that start with a concept and end up with a final product that performs a purpose. Programs do things to help people manage their lives and leisure activities and art appeals to our sensory selves, providing us with life enrichment.

Much of the work I do is based on plans obtained from others, Judy Gale Roberts, Steve Good, Kathy Wise, and Sue Mey to name a few. I have also created some of my own patterns and works from photos I have taken or photos provided to me by a client..