Lori Miller

Lori Miller’s art emerges from her insatiable curiosity about life and nearly palpable passion for meaningful connection and emotional intimacy with people, animals, and, at times, even the inanimate.

One may find her deeply engrossed in documentaries or history at one moment, and only moments later become seductively engrossed in a wide-eyed, animated, and impassioned description of a flower, taste of a delicious meal, or the warm gentle hug of a child. Her expressions of intrigue and excitement about the most inconspicuous observations of her surroundings are well known to her closest friends.

Ms. Miller’s artistic expressions reveal that intense curiosity and enthusiasm, but the discerning observer will see patterns that expose her deeply spiritual, sensuously contagious, and rebellious personality, punctuated by a mysterious balance of dependence and independence Lori’s most precious friend is her art. The buoyant strokes of moving color found emerging from more subtle and stationary figures clearly parallel her life perspective: that from all things joyous, color and vibrancy can be found. Stated differently Lori Miller’s long, colorful brushstrokes unreservedly splash her optimism and innate identification with the good she sees in all things. Lori has always been an artist but her greatest love is with her acrylics, mediums, brushes and canvas. Lori, previously the owner of The Urban Easel Art Studio in Rochester, MN. Has now decided to focus more on her personal work to be displayed at SEMVA and other area Art Galleries